Wednesday, February 29, 2012

#3 - NYC Street Style

I'm sure you are all aware, as fellow fashion lovers, that the people of NYC all love the color black! It's pretty much a guarantee, when walking the streets, a majority will be dressed in black. That's okay though- right? Black is a classic color- always has been, always will be! However, spring is indeed on its way. (Not like we had much of a winter.) As New Yorkers, we don't want to completely lose our classic look- but who wants to wear black from head to toe when the sun is peering through and the smell of fresh flowers is in the air? So what to do? Lately, I have noticed some colors peeking their way into the wardrobes of these classy New Yorkers. It wasn't much but its a start!

A Close Friend & Fellow FIT Student!
Minty + Peaches

You can see above, that an accent of color here and there can go a long way! Now, what kind of pieces can you incorporate into your wardrobe to achieve this look? Well, it's the little things that count!

Forever 21, $19.80
Michael Kors, $348
Urban Outfitters, $24 each



Target, $34.99

BCBGeneration, $110


I urge you all to try this trend! Hey, maybe it will make spring come a little faster! (;

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

#2 - MUST have Item for Spring 2012!


Vera Wang spiced up her Spring 2012 Collection with several peplum accents. (seen above) She wasn't the only one, either. Peplum Accents were seen ALL over the Spring 2012 runway's!

Jason Wu
Badgley Mischka
Marc by Marc Jacobs

And Why shouldn't it be? I think it's quite perfect and adorable for the spring season!
I know, I know- some of you don't know whether you can "pull off" this trend, for multiple reasons. Maybe it's not your style? Maybe you are built differently than these runway models?

Well, don't worry about it! Here are some of your favorite celebs rocking this look! Might I add that they are all different styles, sizes, shapes, etc. too!

Nasty Gal, $68
Ashley Benson- young and flirty!
Fergie- Cool and Edgy!
Blake Lively- Sexy and Sophisticated!
Emma Stone- Athletic and feminine!
Beyonce- Cute and Curvy!

Now: Where to find this trend?
Well, I'm pretty sure it will be quite easy to find since it's so popular! (and did I mention adorable?) So let me show you some places and then you can go from there depending on your personal style, preferences, budget, etc.

Betsey Johnson, $79
Forever 21, $24.80

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Stars on campus!

My school, THE Fashion Institute of Technology, opened up a new exhibit in the museum! (If any of you readers are from NY you should definitely check it out- it will be well worth it, it always is!) Of course, like a bunch of others I was out and about seeing all the absolutely AMAZING designers and celebrities who dropped by. Among them- Michael Kors, Anna Sui, Betsey Johnson, DVF, and so many more! Just happened to get a picture of Kate Winslet and wanted to share with you all! Also, below, is a picture of me and Allison Harvard. (This was seriously one of the best moments of my life.) She was on ANTM, in case you don't know, and is super fashionable, inspiring, and amazing! Hopefully, one day, I won't just be mesmerized by all these beautiful people, I'll be among them! Hey, a girl can dream right?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

#1- AMAZING Fashion Blog!

       For my first blog entry, I want to share with you all an amazing fashion blogger, whom I follow quite closely! No matter what your budget or style consists of, you will be able to find an item that catches your eye in Keiko Lynn's amazing blog. It shows tutorials from makeup to hair to accessories- giving you inspiration for new looks but still allowing you to put your own spin of personal style on it! Above, I have featured three recent AND different looks from Miss Keiko's blog- just to give you a taste of her aesthetic and wonderful photographs! As fellow fashion lovers- I know you will all recognize innovative style when you see it! Check it out & enjoy!