Wednesday, April 25, 2012

#10 - DIY (Do It Yourself)

In this day and age, there are so many different types of styles. Originality is celebrated; Many people choose to radiate their originality through their style- whether is through home products, fashion, beauty products, etc. Now, sometimes eccentric and unique items are difficult to find and even when they are found, they can be expensive. That is why I encourage you all to DIY! (Do It Yourself) There are any blogs out there just dedicated to showing you some DIY's. It's a great way to spend time, get your creative juices flowing, and in the end you have a great product!

Let me show you some of my favorites:

Ombre Shorts Anyone? Well if so, check out P.S. - I made this ! They're a DIY blog for fashion, accessories, jewelry, and interiors. They're amazing and I love creating new things from there.

Or what about a bullet bracelet? Stripes and Sequins has so many great accessory DIY's. It is full of the most unique and awesome things! If you love to be different, I 'd definitely check this site out. They even have a regular blog too- discussing the latest in fashion!

A chalkboard Mug? Cute! Wit & Whistle shows so many great DIY's - lot's of interiors, and even some fashion! Looking to spice up a few rooms in your home? This is the place to look!

As you can probably tell, I am obsessed with DIY! It has only recently caught my eye but I have tried a few things and totally plan on doing more- as should you! (:

Thursday, April 19, 2012

#9 - New Fashion Show Formats

         In the world of fashion, it's important to have something to set yourself apart- so people know, "Oh hey, this is definitely a _____ show." Fill in the blank.  Chanel? Marc Jacobs? Calvin Klein? Now, aside from actual designs, is there really a better way to do this than with technology? We all know the world we live in today is driven by technology. Within the past few years, many changes have occurred- social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) coming to a rise, phone applications, live streaming, etc. However, Burberry took a different approach to show their advancement in Technology. Last year, Burberry opened up their flagship store in Beijing. To celebrate the opening of this store, Burberry has a special digital experience for the audience- a holographic runway show. The show included 6 actual runway models, and many holographic models who would burst into snow flakes, multiply, or transform into another look- all by itself. Needless to say, it was beyond amazing. It's a prime example of the phenomenal things we can do with technology now, as compared to just a few years ago. Check out the video below because I am positive my description will not do it justice!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

#7- Lookbooks!

A lookbook is a collection of photographs compiled to show off a model, a photographer, a style, or a clothing line. They are often assembled for marketing purposes. However, they are sometimes assembled to just give fashion tips and and advice. Many designers/stores have their own lookbooks such as, Zara and Marc Jacobs. However, there are a lot of fashion bloggers who have their own lookbooks as well, featuring key pieces from many different brands. One of my favorites being:

 Wendy has an amazing story behind her, which you can read about here, and she always puts together amazing looks! Along with some style guidance, she also provides tutorials on her youtube channel. I urge you all to check it out because you can definitely learn some great stuff from her!